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GST Filling

India's First GST Ready Business ERP Software for Supermarkets, Mobile Shops / Computers / Electronics / FMCG Dealers, Retailers / Wholesalers / Manufacturers, Automobile / Spare Parts / Book Shops / Bakeries / Grain Market / Pesticide. Etc...

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About Images

Online Shopping Store

Rolling out your own marketplace is simple and quick with SUMITS Multi-Vendor Marketplace Solution. Implement your own unique idea of a marketplace with our multi-seller solution.

  • Shipping and Discounts
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School - ERP

Our School ERP Software plays a vital role in streamlining the day to day task of schools. Our ERP software is flexible in nature & it can easily manage all the aspects & functionalities of school organization. It is developed by cutting edge technology & it provides an integrated platform for all the students, teachers, administration & other school staff members.

  • Student & Teacher Registration
  • Finance
  • Transport Management
  • Fast & Easy Marks Manager System.
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About Images

BULK- SMS Service

DIGITAL INDIA SMS is a division of SUMITS and was founded in 2017 along with its parent company. Its founders first began using SMS in 2014 to send weather updates to clients but soon realised the service had broader applications. DIGITAL INDIA SMS provides application-to-person (A2P) messaging services to large and small businesses.

  • New Promotional Schemes
  • SMS Marketing
  • Election Campaigns
  • Support Multi language.
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