' Software Services


With the help of our skilled android, iOS app development team, we provide custom app development, maintenance, upgradation, migration and enterprise app development services.


We use modern, open-source technologies and follow agile methodology to deliver highly interactive websites and complex n-tier internet systems. We have developed several Frontend MVC and Backend MVC based systems.


We have the active modules to send notification. Push notifications are sent by trained IT Executives of company. We use various push notification tech i.e. firebase, OneSignal for Web puch, Android, iOS.


The best-of-technologies to develop rich, user-friendly and effective Desktop Applications that work offline and run off the web browser and synchronize to online server as per the client requiremnt.

Text SMS Service

DIGITAL INDIA SMS is leading Bulk SMS Service Provider offering Bulk SMS in many part of India at most affordable Prices. Transactional and Promotional SMS Service's are available.

Voice SMS Service

Voice SMS is an enhanced mode of communication enriched with the sender's voice, language and emotions and offers complete flexibility in retrieval (DND available).

OTP Service

SEND OTP is a fall-back-ready system so that you get a sure-shot delivery unlike using any OTP SMS gateway or any other OTP via SMS service.


At SUMITS we employ impactful search engine optimization strategies for your websites. We have an expert team of SEO specialists working round the clock to optimize your website.

E-mail Flyers

We have a Thousand's of e-mail Flyers so that anyone can send the Professional, Festive email's to anyone.

Bulk E-mail Services

SUMITS provides flexibility and agility to India marketers on how to use this award winning platform for their digital 1:1 marketing (SMS and e-mail) campaigns.

Rest API Integration

We are expertise in implementing a third party software program into your business software program for better communication between the two software i.e SMS API, Payment Gateway API.

Responsive Website

We have professional people with years of experience in website design on board. They are adept in making a Mobile Responsive Design that ultimately helps customers. i.e. e-commerce, Portal, CRM, Online ERP Systems, Offline-Online synchronization.

Database Support

We offer a wide spectrum of services, ranging from database consulting to support and maintenance to meet all your enterprise database management needs.